LED Underground Light factory

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      Underground lamp
      Products description:
      1.This underground lamp use high qulity LED chip, guarantee lifetime 50,000 hours, perfect for replacing halogen, maintenance free, cost saving.
      2.This underground lamp is certified IP68 and is 100% waterproof making it suitable for most kinds of environments, such as heavy rain, foggy weather etc.
      3.This underground lamp have triple water-resistant: Water tight seals thick aluminum body and glass lens cover design withstand rainy and snowy weather; IP67 waterproof lighting fixtures, perfect for outdoor landscape path& deck lighting.
      4.This underground lamp is stylish and durable; these lights are a great choice for upgrading the look of the outdoor areas.
      5.This underground lamp has a Long lifespan over 50000 hours, easy & convenient for installation.
      Details of Underground lamp :LED Underground Light factory
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