Supplying Bright Stainless Steel Wire Rod

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      Description:AISI 304 7X19 Inox Wire Ropes used in application fishing webnet(AISI 304 7X19 Stainless Steel Ropes)Stainless steel wire ropes has features of good corrosion,heat and cold resistance in application of various fields
      AISI304 (1.4301)<0.078.0~1018-20<0.035<0.03<1.0<2.0-
      AISI316 (1.4401)<0.0810~1416-18<0.035<0.03<1.0<2.02.0~3.0
      Product CodeDiameter (mm)M.B.L             (kN)M.B.L               (Kg)Weight (Kg/100m)
      304R01507191.5 1.57 1600.95
      304R01607191.6 1.76 1801.08
      304R02007192.0 2.74 2801.65
      304R02507192.5 4.26 4352.63
      304R03007193.0 6.13 6253.35
      304R03507193.5 8.13 8304.56
      7 X 19304R04007194.0 10.78 11005.95
      304R05007195.0 16.95 1,7309.3
      304R06007196.0 24.01 2,45013.4
      304R08007198.0 33.42 3,41023.8
      304R100071910.0 52.04 5,31037.2
      304R120071912.0 75.07 7,66053.6
      304R140071914.0 98.98 10,10072.9
      304R160071916.0 133.28 13,60095.5
      According to customers requirements,out can also produces those other specifications wire rope out,such as 6´19+IWR,7´37,6´12+7FC,6´24+7FC etc
      “Perfect” quality is the common goal and vision of each stuff in GTinox ,To achieve this target, GTinox is continued pursuit of higher and better quality requirements of stainless steel and provide professional and sincere after-sales service.
      Typical Applications
      Leisure Marine Industry
      Chemical installations – Chlorine plants etc
      General lifting in off-shore applications
      General lifting and tethering in leisure
      marine applications
      General lifting purposes
      GT Inox, one of the leading manufacturers of various stainless steel wires in China, now brings you the best quality aisi 304 7×19 inox wire ropes used in application fishing webnet from its factory. Also supplying excellent service and timely delivery, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality products.Supplying Bright Stainless Steel Wire Rod

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