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Our History
• Phase I investment: USD 5 M, Revenue: USD 15 M in Y2015
• Our feature is Aluminum winding transformer technology
• R&D: led by Dr. Huang – Power Electronics Expert from China top university
• Team: Rich in manufacturing, processing, quality control and global company background
Our Factory
• Plant Area: 5,000m2 Pudong, Shanghai
• Annual output value 1.2Billion RMB
• 150 People
Our Product
Transformers, Reactors and Filter
Product Application
Shinenergy’s Transformer, is widely used in high-power solar inverter, high-power wind turbine converters, wind turbine control system, traction auxiliary inverter, UPS, and other demanding power electronic systems, which is stable, reliable, low noise and low losses.
Shinenergy’s Reactor is widely used in PV inverters, wind turbine converters, motor driver system, to reduce the harmonics for meeting the harmonic requirements
Shinenergy’s EMC filter, is widely used in the inverter and motor driver system, which is used to suppress EMS and EMI.single voltage transformer suppliers