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      Home Handheld Portable Tens Units
      The electronic massage circuit consists of a low-frequency oscillator and an electric pulse output circuit. The low-frequency oscillator consists of a time base integrated circuit IC1, resistors R3 and R4, a potentiometer RP2, a diode VD and capacitors C3 and C4. Electric pulse output circuit consists of transistor V, electronic switch integrated circuit IC2, capacitor Cl, C2, resistor Rl, R2, potentiometer RPl, light-emitting diode VL, step-up transformer T and output socket XS.
      After the power switch, S is turned on, the low-frequency oscillator is powered on, outputting a low-level pulse signal from pin 3 of IC1. The signal is added to the base of V through C2 to control the working status of V and IC2. When IC1 low-frequency pulse signal is positive pulse signal, V conduction, so: IC2 2 feet into a low, IC2 electronic switch is turned on, 4 feet high output, while VL light; when ICl output Of the low-frequency pulse signal is negative pulse, V cut-off, IC2 2 feet into a high level, IC2 internal electronic switch off, 4 pin output low, VL extinguished. V and IC2 turn on and off alternately at high speed under the effect of the low frequency pulse signal, and the VL flickers and glows, and a low frequency pulse current is generated on the winding W2 of the T. The low-frequency pulse current through the XS external two metal electrode pieces or two rubber electrode pieces (the circuit is not drawn) to the human body acupuncture points or fatigue, pain, you can massage the body (to relax or stimulate the muscles Acupuncture point).
      The above is a small series for everyone to introduce the principle of portable tens units. Electric massager and portable tens units bring different feelings, so we must choose according to their own favorite massager, so as to truly relieve physical discount Mini Slimming Massager

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